Sermon #104: The Heavenly Realm - The Book of Revelation - MorningStar Ministries

I regularly receive Rick Joyner's Word of the Week by email. I read each article and often make print-outs to share with others.

This morning, as I read the Week 37, 2018 article, I came across a remarkable quote that I thought I should share. It might help you. You not only have to meditate on the quote, but also strive that it may relate to you.

Here is the quote:

"We are not called to be human beings who have occasional spiritual experiences, but we are called to be spiritual beings who have occasional human experiences."

How profound!

Is that your experience as a Christian? Does this speak to the way you live? Are you more spiritual than you are human in the various facets of your life?

I sometimes think that Christians should learn, each day, to be more spiritual. One's progress in this regard should be evident to themselves initially, then to the rest of their community.

I sometimes feel that there is too much "humanness" even in the Church today. The way congregants talk, behave, their interests/pursuits or driving forces, and how they relate to each other, testifies to the "humanness" that I refer to. 

That is not the will of God for us. We surely can do better, for God's sake!

True love, true worship to the true God.