Sermon #105: Pursue, Overtake, Recover - Inspirational Story

It struck me one day.

Here I was, walking down the street, when suddenly my mind’s voice said to me, “Phanuel, you must understand that you have never lost out on anything in your life.”

I stopped and asked myself, “So what has been happening?” The voice said, “You have been gaining, gaining, gaining. All the things that you thought you had missed are actually in a ‘bank’ account from which you are free to withdraw both the principal sum plus compound interest.”

This to me was like a breath of fresh, fragrant air. I had spent a number of years thinking I was losing out. When I failed to get the job that I desired, I thought I had lost out. When a project that I started failed mid-way, I thought I had lost out. When I fell sick, I thought I had lost out on good health. I just thought I had lost out.

But here I was, being lectured on the correct perspective to the issues of life. The voice said, “You have never lost out on anything in your life.”

I had to make a choice after I heard the voice. I either had to believe the voice, or ignore it, and each of the choices was going to have far-reaching consequences on my life.

I chose to believe the voice. “So what has been happening?” I asked. “You’ve been gaining.” Oh how excited I was! It was like I was awakening from some kind of sleep and discovering that a new day had dawned.

I have been gaining. I have been banking. I have never lost out on anything. I am free to withdraw not only the principal sum, but also the compound interest. Glory to God!

I have learnt this great lesson; the state of a person’s life is strongly dependent on how they view their past, present and future. It is a function of how one defines the things that happen to them or the things that occur in their environment. It is also a function of the ingredients of one's vocabulary.

For example, whenever I thought and said, “I lost out,” I really felt that way and lived that way, and my life was badly affected by this kind of attitude.

But now that I believe I have never lost out on anything, and that I can never lose anything, I am like a brand new person. I now think that it’s bad to use the same kind of vocabulary. I also think it’s evil to even entertain similar thoughts.

As a Christian, I have the ability to pursue, overtake and recover. If I fail to use the ability, I will live like one who never had the ability. It is possible to miss something one thought was great for something that is indeed far much better? When God protects you from yourself, that becomes a profitable 'loss'!

I am a child of God; God is my Father. Whatever belongs to my Father belongs to me. My Father has never lost out on anything. In fact, He cannot lose out. He is the Creator. The Creator cannot lose that which He created, because if it were to happen, He would simply create a trillion of the same kind. Do you see how the principal sum and the compound interest come into being?

Satan is a liar and an enemy of everything good; he is against progress. Satan fights against a positive frame of mind and godly positions. In reality, the Satan-induced thoughts result in false positions.

You’ve got to be careful where you draw your inspiration and information from. You either go with God or go with Another. God’s positions are diametrically opposite those of the devil. God’s training is totally different. The fruits that one obtains from associating with God are different from those obtained from associating with the devil. In God you get ‘day’. In the devil it is always a ‘night of pitch darkness’.

From today, never say, “I lost out on money-making opportunities.” Never say, “I lost out on good health.” Don’t say, “I do not think I can salvage my relationship with my parents.” Never say, "I lost out on education". Never entertain the thought that your relationship with God has been irreparably damaged, or that God will never accept you as His child after all that you've done. Don’t entertain such ideas! You must adopt the mindset of pursuing, overtaking and recovering everything that is of benefit to you.

The important thing is that you've got an opportunity to complete a withdrawal slip. On the slip you should write something like this:
  • Nothing can separate me from God.
  • I claim all outstanding opportunities with interest.
  • I take back 200% control over my health and wealth.
  • Even though we now do not see eye to eye, my parents and I are going to have the best relations of our lives.
After this you’ve got to sign the withdrawal slip and hand it to the ‘bank’ teller.

But you need to be sure of your ground. You need the right attitude if you are to turn your desires into reality. If you doubt, you certainly will fall short.

Take charge of your spiritual life. Take charge of your health. Take charge of your wealth. Take charge of your relations. Take charge of your present and future, at the same time drawing lessons from your past.

It’s time to withdraw the principal sum plus the compound interest. Are you ready? You need to turn that situation around, to the glory of God the Father!

God bless!

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