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Sermon #66: Examples of Idols.

We normally take an idol to be an image that's separate from us; something carved, as out of stone or wood. 

However, the Bible teaches us that an idol could also be something in our hearts; something that takes all the space within our hearts, relegating God to second, third or fourth class.  

It could be a fantasy or some other bad habit. The moment that thing overtakes us and takes all of our attention, the moment that we feel we are imprisoned by it and can't get out, it becomes an idol. Nothing should be your master, except the Word of God. You should never allow alcohol, drugs, pornography, sex, partying, etc. to take dominion over your life. The moment you think you can't escape from them, they've become your gods!

You might not believe that you could be your own idol. You may have never thought of it in that way. The fact is you could be your own idolYou could be a self-worshiper, singing all the praises to yourself!

Some Christians, when they testify of what they can now do or achieve or what they've become through Christ, they talk like all this originated from them, from their turbo-charged ability! 

I think you've heard people taking all the credit; I mean all. It actually appears like God is no longer in the picture; that His work has been done and therefore He is no longer relevant. There is now just the super hero you. How unbelievable!

If you read Psalms, you will get a lot of learning from how David related to God, how he worshiped his God. David always said "you O God". These days people say more of "I" than "God". "I can now do this and that." "I am now this and that." "I now own this and that." "I have achieved this and that." "People do this and that for me." "No harm can come near my dwelling place." And they say this as if it is because of their genius that this is so! Where is God in all this? Now it's just you - the super hero of the world!

Shouldn't we be magnifying God more than we magnify ourselves or our pop and film stars? Shouldn't we be fainting for God instead of fainting for a secular musician who does not add any real value to our life? Shouldn't we be staying awake all night worshiping Him instead of staying awake for some function or entertainment that does us no good? 

Shouldn't we be praising Him for what He has done and continues to do for, in and through us? Shouldn't we be giving Him the credit due to Him? What do we have that did not come from Him? Are we not getting lost somewhere? Are we not becoming our own idols? Are we not trying to take His place? I think we might be, either totally or in some instances!

Remember, walking with God is a totally personal commitment.