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Sermon #73: The Primary Work of God

"Jesus answered, 'The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent" - John 6:29 (NIV)

This verse always gets me thinking. I have read it over and over and have come to the conclusion that this is the root or foundation of Christianity...the work of Godas John defined it.

The work of God that we do without working is the work that results in the Lord embracing us, taking us into His household and making us members of His great family - children of God. 

In addition, there is no other way people may live in the Kingdom of God except by believing in Him at every turn; I mean at every turn

When things get really tough, when push comes to shove, when one finds themselves between a rock and a hard place, I have seen many turning their hope towards some other things, things that are disgusting in the sight of the Lord!

All the other works that we do 'for God' can never amount to work before Him unless they spring from the work given in John 6:29 (NIV). Note: one can never be God's child through physical work, even though such work is important and has to be done.

So in everything, be sure that the main work is the foundation, with everything else being a 'building upon'.

The real question that one should ask themselves is, "Do I believe in the one God has sent?" You may be a member of a church, very active in every way, but you still need to ask yourself the question, "Is the work that I do in church founded on the work of God?" If it's not, then it's something else.