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Sermon #42: The Real Holy Spirit

"When the Counselor comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, he will testify about me." - John 15:26 (NIV)

The Bible clearly explains who the real Holy Spirit is.

There are so many 'holy spirits' in the world today. Many are following such spirits, imitations of the real Holy Spirit. Such people are being led into dense forests!

What are you looking for? Are you looking for any spirit or for the real Holy Spirit? If you are looking for the real Holy Spirit, you should first learn about Him, for you to be able to recognize Him at every turn. There is enough teaching in the Bible to help you tell the real from the fake.

In John 15:26 we learn that the Holy Spirit is our Counselor, our teacher, our guide and our helper. We also learn that He testifies only about Jesus, and that His words and directions are always consistent with the Word of God. In John 14:17 the Holy Spirit is referred to as 'the Spirit of truth'

From John 16:7-8 we learn that the Holy Spirit is our comforter.

So, if a prophet gives you a word, and you find that the word is not teaching, guiding, helping, comforting or encouraging you and that the word is inconsistent with the Word of God, then that person is not a prophet of God.

A prophet who speaks by the Holy Spirit will always speak words that are consistent with the Word of God. Please note.

The Holy Spirit always testifies about Jesus. Other spirits testify about themselves.