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Sermon #44: How to Bring Glory to God

"I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do." - John 17:4 (NIV)

This is a powerful statement.

There are various ways by which one could bring glory to God. I, however, believe that completing the work that the Lord has assigned you is the principal means by which you could bring glory to Him.

Jesus was clear about the kind of work that God had given Him to accomplish on earth. At the end of it all, Jesus also could tell that He had accomplished His mission.

You could be wondering what kind of work God has cut out for you, the work that you need to complete during your lifetime. Remember, every Christian has work to do.

The principal work is soul-winning. If you are not clear about the work God has cut out of you, just tell people about Christ; you will never go wrong.

As you win souls, God will reveal to you what additional work He may want you to accomplish.

So what work are you doing right now to bring God glory?